Revitalize Your Skin With Laser Skin Resurfacing in Sydney

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Aging skin can be quite the undertaking. Wrinkles and fine lines are stubborn and difficult to address. You may have tried various creams, lotions, and serums to keep your face from showing the signs of aging. Often times these serums or creams fail to maintain your youthful looks. Instead of continuing to look for a cream, you should consider having laser skin resurfacing. This new technology rejuvenates your skin by removing wrinkles or fine lines, leaving you with an amazingly soft complexion. Dr. Darrell Perkins offers laser skin resurfacing for women in the Sydney area.

What is laser skin resurfacing?

shutterstock_145581217Laser skin resurfacing is a revolutionary new procedure that safely and comfortably removes spots, wrinkles, and lines from your face. It uses simple laser technology to stimulate your skin cells to produce new cells and heal faster. By increasing your skin’s recovery rate and decreasing the amount of time your skin takes to heal, your fine lines and age spots will disappear. Dr. Perkins uses two different kinds of lasers to treat your skin. He offers ablative and non-ablative laser resurfacing.

Ablative laser resurfacing can transform your face within the first treatment. It is very powerful as it removes the outer layer of skin revealing the new and delicate layers below. Ablative lasers are an excellent option for complicated conditions such as moderate wrinkles, uneven skin complexion, scarring, and age spots.

Non-ablative laser resurfacing is a method where Dr. Perkins will heat the area of skin slowly and gently. This heat will stimulate collagen production and make your face appear younger. With more collagen production, your age spots and fine lines will fade as your skin heals and regenerates. Because he gently heats your skin, these kinds of procedures take a couple of sessions for visible changes to occur.

During your preliminary consultation, he will discuss treatment options and your desired outcomes. Based on your wishes and his professional medical expertise, he will guide in you in choosing one method or the other.

What is laser skin resurfacing like?

Dr. Darrell Perkins ensures that your skin resurfacing procedure will transpire easily and without any complications. He performs all laser procedures on an outpatient basis where you can return home the same day. On the day of the procedure, he will apply a topical numbing agent to ensure that you feel no discomfort. Afterwards, he will use a direct laser beam on specific areas of your skin. By stimulating your skin, he will trigger new growth and healing. If you are having non-ablative resurfacing, Dr. Perkins will recommend that you have a couple of treatments so that your results are more defined. After your procedure, Dr. Perkins recommends that you avoid tanning and makeup to ensure a quick recovery.

How do my skin and face benefit from laser skin resurfacing?

There are many wonderful advantages to having laser skin resurfacing. This procedure is far less invasive than other methods such as Botox or plastic surgery. Your recovery time takes only a few days rather than months. With laser skin resurfacing, your face will glow and radiate for years. Dr. Perkins operates with such precision and care that your face is not at any risk of side effects or complications. He will ensure that your face becomes the vision that you have always imagined.

Dr. Darrell PerkinsIf you are tired of looking and feeling older, you should consider having laser skin resurfacing with Dr. Perkins today. You can contact his office and friendly staff for more information at (02) 9587 0871 or reach out online for more information about the process of having laser skin resurfacing.