Specialist treatment for ‘man boobs’

For many men, the thought of taking off their shirt in public can cause a wave of anxiety. The beach, pool and change room at the gym become places to avoid.

Male breasts can evolve at any age. Known as gynaecomastia, the condition often begins in peri-pubertal males at about age 15-16. In later years, up to 70 per cent of men over the age of 50 are likely to have the condition.

It’s also common in users of anabolic steroids and occurs rarely as the result of medical diseases such as...Read More

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Breast implant associated-Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL)

FAQs Is BIA-ALCL breast cancer?

No, BIA-ALCL is not breast cancer. ALCL is a cancer of lymphatic cells and a form of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It has been described in all parts of the body well before breast implants existed, and has occurred in the breast without any implant present. BIA-ALCL is a form of lymphoma that occurs in association with breast implants, and to date exclusively with exposure to textured implants (no reported cases with smooth implants alone). It occurs in women who have had...Read More

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Rejuvenate Your Beautiful Eyes With Eyelid Surgery In Kogarah

Your youth centers around the appearance of your eyes and lids. Young beautiful eyes are seamless without wrinkles or bags that may appear as you age. These unsightly wrinkles and bags can detract from your self-image and confidence. Fortunately, Dr. Darrell Perkins provides restorative eyelid surgery for residents in Kogarah.

What causes my eyelid sag?

Eyelids are delicate tissues that can begin to sag or seem “heavy” as you age. Extra fat deposits under the skin can create a puffy swollen look...Read More

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Get Sleek Arms with an Arm Lift in Sydney

Your best friends probably won’t tell you. But, after you raise your arms in front of them, or they see you wave good-bye, they may roll their eyes and shake their heads when you are not looking. They are most likely embarrassed for you because they notice your “bat wings”. It’s that loose, saggy, jiggly, and dangling skin that flaps in the wind beneath your upper arms and for some it may only disappear with an arm lift in Sydney.

Dr. Darrell Perkins can help you determine if an arm lift...Read More

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Tone Your Body with Liposuction in Sydney

Often people struggle with maintaining their ideal body weight and are unable to find an exercise or diet regimen that fits with their lifestyle.  You may find yourself covering up at the pool, ashamed of your weight and curves.  No one should live their life ashamed of their shape.  It is never too late to consider body contouring liposuction that leaves you with beautiful results.  Restore your life and body today with Dr. Darrell Perkins’s liposuction in Sydney.  His office offers liposuction...Read More

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Cosmetic Surgery vs Plastic Surgery

ASPS Vice President Gazi Hussain was interviewed on ABC radio last night. The topic was ‘ Are you considering having Cosmetic Surgery’ interviewed by Philip Clark. The segment gave a balanced discussion about our specialty and the difference between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery, and the grey areas of definition that we and the health authorities are dealing with.  You can listen to the interview here:...Read More

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Get Beautiful Leaner Legs With a Thigh Lift in Sydney

As if you didn’t have enough pressure on you to always look fit, trim, and attractive, thanks to social media, we now have endless attention paid to the “thigh gap”. Some women naturally have the gap – that space between the inner thighs that texts, tweets and online postings declare to be a visual reassurance of a woman’s “femininity”.

Regardless of what social media proclaims, women can be beautiful with or without the thigh gap. However, if you are someone who...Read More

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MYTH: That cosmetic surgery advertising is highly regulated

Commercial factors drive advertising. There is a danger that unethical advertising inflates patient expectations while ignoring or trivialising the risks of surgical procedures. ASPS promotes transparency of information for consumers about education, qualifications and accreditation of premises so that consumers are fully informed. ASPS’ Code of Practice outlines the professional and ethical standards which are expected from its members.

COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS What’s the difference...Read More
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