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Breast Implants and Pregnancy

breast-augmentation-benefitsA common area of concern for women is their breasts. Women who have naturally small breasts or those who have lost volume due to pregnancy or weight loss may feel self-conscious about their appearance and wish for larger breasts. But what if you plan to become pregnant after receiving breast implants? Many women are concerned that breast implants may pose a problem for women that want to get pregnant or breast feed in the future. Dr. Darrell Perkins, a leading Sydney plastic surgeon, can answer any questions you have about breast implants and pregnancy.

Breast Augmentation and Pregnancy

For Dr. Perkins’ patients in Sydney, breast augmentation is a popular choice for women who are looking to improve the size and shape of their breasts. Women who may become pregnant following breast augmentation often wonder how breast implants will affect their pregnancies. Women who have concerns should consider the following:

  • Breast implants do not pose any known risk or harm to pregnant women
  • Pregnancy will not interfere with breast implants
  • Women with breast implants are less likely to experience the loss of volume or shape that is common following pregnancy and breast feeding

Breast Augmentation and Breast Feeding

Most women with breast implants are happy to learn they are able to breast feed. In some cases women may need to supplement with formula, but this is common in women without breast implants as well. Women who are undergoing breast augmentation surgery and plan to become pregnant in the future should consider the following information concerning surgical incision site:

    • Inframammary: This technique uses the currently recommended site of incision. Dr. Perkins will insert the breast implant through an incision placed at the base of the breast, against the chest wall. This incision should not interfere with a woman’s ability to breastfeed because the breast tissue is not disturbed or damaged when the incision is made. This technique produces a scar that can be naturally concealed beneath the breast.

The placement of the breast implant should also be considered for women who plan to get pregnant in the future. Women who plan to breast feed should have the implant placed beneath the muscle. This allows for an added layer of protection between the milk ducts and the implant, and offers a more natural look to the breasts.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are considering breast augmentation and have more questions about breast implants and pregnancy, schedule a consultation with Dr. Darrell Perkins. Dr. Perkins can give you more information on the procedure and discuss the best options regarding implant size, incision technique, and implant placement.

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