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Chin Augmentation Procedure

One of the parts of the face that people take for granted is the chin. The eyes get looked at a lot, and the nose and lips do too, but the chin is integral to giving people a face that is well shaped and well proportioned. Its for that reason that many patients go seek out a Sydney plastic surgeon in order to get a chin augmentation surgery.

What is chin augmentation?

Chin augmentation surgery is a facial plastic surgery option that is performed to enhance or alter the shape of the chin. This can be done by using a facial implant or by adjusting the shape of the existing bone in the chin area. The exact needs of the patient will be addressed at our Sydney plastic surgery practice, with a treatment plan developed in accordance with the patients needs and wishes.

How Facial Implants Work

Facial implants are essentially what they sound like. There are artificial shapes and forms that are inserted into different parts of the face to alter the appearance. These may be made of synthetic bone or other materials. Facial implants can be placed in the lips, the cheekbones, and the chin area.

Benefits of Chin Augmentation

Since the different facial features are complementary, undergoing a chin augmentation surgery may eliminate your need to undergo another facial surgery, such as Sydney rhinoplasty. By adding prominence to the chin, focus is taken away from the size or shape of the nose. Similar, removing bone matter from the chin area can leave your face looking better proportioned and formed.

The Chin Augmentation Procedure

The chin augmentation procedure will vary based on the patients needs. Generally, an incision will be made either under the chin or inside the lower lip. Through this incision, the chin implant is placed and underlying structures are adjusted. The entire surgery lasts approximately 45 minutes to an hour.

Recovering After Chin Augmentation Surgery

Chin augmentation surgery is an outpatient procedure, so patient will be able to return home after the surgery is completed. (An overnight stay at a hospital may be required if you have multiple facial surgeries performed at once.) Patients should arrange for transportation to and from the surgical quite. Its important that patients be well rested, well hydrated, and avoid any strenuous physical activities until a Sydney plastic surgeon says so.

We will be sure to provide even more detailed instructions for post-surgical recovery during the consultation process. This will ensure that you understand the risks and benefits involved with the surgery, allowing you to make a well-informed choice about your appearance and health.

Schedule a Consultation at Our Cosmetic Surgery Center

If you would like more information about chin augmentation and how it can benefit you and your needs, be sure to contact our Sydney cosmetic surgery center today. The entire team here is eager to meet you in person and to discuss all of your concerns in more detail.

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