23rd Jul, 2011

Eyelid Surgery Recovery

Cosmetic eyelid surgery is quite effective if you are looking to reduce the wrinkling, drooping, or sagging of the eyelids in order to restore a youthful appearance. The surgery is quite safe, though as with any surgery there are some risks involved. Of course, by following our instructions for post-operative care, you will be able to greatly reduce any chance of complications occurring. Well be able to go over the entire process in greater length when you visit our Sydney plastic surgery centre, but for the time being, we would like to go over the basics of eyelift recovery with you.

In the initial day or two after surgery, patients can expect redness and swelling around the eyes as well as some amount of discomfort. This can be managed with pain relievers and cold compresses. The eyes are prone to tearing up quite a bit in these early days of recovery as well. You may require eye drops in these early days to keep your eyes moist.

Over the course of the first week following Sydney eyelid surgery, its important that patients avoid any sorts of activities that will lead to eyestrain or overworking the eyes. That means to avoid reading, using the computer, watching television or movies, and wearing contact lenses. Wearing dark glasses is a good idea to protect the eyes from sunlight, wind, or harsh lighting. Its extremely important that you get rest during this period to ensure that you heal properly. By the end of this first week, your stitches will be removed.

Patients should be healed and ready to return to their daily activities after about 10 days. For a few weeks after surgery, be sure to avoid any physically strenuous activities, especially those which would cause increased pressure to the head and face (e.g., squatting, lifting, bending).

All of these time estimates can vary from patient to patient, so please understand that these are just general time frames we are addressing.

To learn more about cosmetic eyelid surgery as well as the many other options that you have for facial plastic surgery, contact our Sydney cosmetic surgery practice today.

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