08th Mar, 2018

Gynaecomastia and Male Breast Reduction in Sydney

Men pride themselves on having a muscular chest and manly shape. They spend hours in the gym exercising and making sure that their body is as defined as can be. Feminine features on a man such as breast development can cause embarrassment and problems with poor self image. This is a surprising common condition known as gynaecomastia. Even though a man may feel isolated, many men suffer from gynaecomastia for varying reasons. Dr. Darrell Perkins provides male breast reduction surgery for men who suffer from gynaecomastia in Sydney.

What is male breast growth or gynaecomastia?

Gynaecomastia is a condition where a man’s breast tissue develops beyond normal. In most cases, men have very little breast tissue. As they grow, their chest muscles grow and develop while mammary tissue remains underdeveloped and small. However, in some cases due to medication or hormonal imbalances, men can develop breast tissue. Gynaecomastia will make the man’s breast tissue appear puffy and feminine as the underlying breast tissue will distort the skin.

Some of the causes behind male breast tissue development may be hormonally influenced. It can occur because the man has higher female hormones during puberty than male hormones. It can also occur if the man is taking certain prescribed medications, anabolic steroids or recreational drugs. Regardless of the cause, gynaecomastia causes many men social embarrassment and stress over their body shape and lack of manlinessDr. Perkins offers options for men who wish to correct gynaecomastia.

What choices do I have?

Dr. Perkins offers male breast reduction through minimally invasive breast reduction surgery. During the procedure, he will remove excess tissue out of the breast to reduce the size and shape of the breast. He performs all of his procedures with an expert team so that you do not feel any discomfort or anxiety. During the procedure, he will make a couple of very small incisions on the side of the breast. Through these incisions, he will remove the fat and breast tissue that is causing the male breast growth. After he removes the tissue he will close the incision with small sutures.

If required, he may also perform nipple reconstructive surgery. Gynaecomastia can cause the nipple and areola to appear large and deformed. His nipple reconstruction involves correcting the areola and nipple so that it appears even and small once more. After he closes all incisions, he will apply a compression garment to enhance the result.

After your procedure Dr. Perkins advises that you refrain from any heavy lifting or exercise for a couple of weeks. During this time, he will schedule several checkup appointments to ensure that your chest is healing properly. Once he has approved that your body has healed, you can return to working out and regaining your masculine figure.

Dr. PerkinsIf you suffer from male breast growth, you do not have to continue to feel self-conscious about your body. Dr. Perkins offers his precise male breast reduction surgery to help restore your body to its former masculine shape. Call his office today at (02) 9587 0871 to learn more or reach out online to schedule your consultation.

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