08th Feb, 2011

Inframammary Breast Augmentation Incisional Approach

Inframammary breast augmentation is the most common incisional technique employed by plastic surgeons. It is the most versatile incisional method because all types of implants can be inserted through the inframammary incision, and implants can be placed either above or below the chest muscle using this approach.

The inframammary technique involves the creation of an incision in the crease of the breast, or the area where the bottom of the breast meets the chest. For most patients, especially those that have larger breasts, the resulting scar remains hidden in the breast crease. Sydney plastic surgeon Darrell Perkins reviews the advantages of the inframammary incision in this blog post.

More Precise Placement

The inframammary approach provides the surgeon with more control during the breast augmentation operation. This means that the implant can be more precisely placed when surgeons insert the implant through an incision that is made in the crease of the breast, producing more natural looking results.

Discreet Scar

When breast augmentation patients choose experienced plastic surgeons to perform their procedures, the incision can be created in a discreet location that will minimize the appearance of the resulting scar. In most cases, the scars from breast augmentation surgery are only visible when the patient is lying flat on her back. Patients can also take steps to reduce the appearance of scars by keeping the incision sites out of the sun and using scar removal products such as creams, oils, or strips.

New Incisions Do Not Need to Be Created for Revision Surgeries

Patients that undergo inframammary breast augmentation can have their implants removed and replaced via the same incision site when they undergo breast implant revision surgery. However, breast implants can’t be removed through the transaxillary (armpit) breast augmentation incision. Patients that choose to have implants placed through an incision created in the armpit should be aware that the implants will have to be removed via an inframammary incision, so the patient will eventually end up with an additional scar when they undergo breast implant revision surgery.

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