19th May, 2012

Male Plastic Surgery

fridgeEven though plastic surgery is often associated with women, many men undergo plastic surgery as well. It’s a fine way to help you look your best because sometimes a healthy diet and regular exercise won’t be enough on their own. There are numerous body contouring surgeries and facial rejuvenation surgeries that men can benefit from. When you meet with a Sydney plastic surgeon, you can learn more about all of your options for anti-aging and body sculpting. Let’s briefly look at these options right now.

Men and Rhinoplasty

A rhinoplasty is a great option for altering the size, shape, contour, and prominence of the nose. While it can be performed for aesthetic reasons, there are other applications for rhinoplasty as well. For one, it can be reconstructive in nature, used to help realign a broken nose. In addition, rhinoplasty can be performed to alter the internal structures of the nasal passages, making it easier to breathe.

Men and Otoplasty (Ear Pinning)

Ears that are very large or that stick out prominently from the sides of your head can be a source of self-consciousness and teasing. That’s why many people–both male and female–come to our plastic surgery practice serving Sydney for ear pinning surgery. This surgery can make a major difference on your appearance through very subtle adjustments of the ears.

Men and Facelift Surgeries

For the most effective reversal of facial wrinkles and lines, it’s important to consider the many options available for facial rejuvenation. One option to consider is the facelift, which is well suited to address sagging and wrinkles in the middle area of the face.

Men and Liposuction

There are sometimes little pockets of fat that will not respond to a healthy lifestyle. These can have a major impact on your body contour. That’s why liposuction is a great option to keep in mind for you many body sculpting needs. For aesthetic fat reduction around the neck, neck liposuction is available as well.

Men and Arm Lift Surgery

The upper arms can be hard to keep in the best shape. Flabbiness around the shoulders and triceps is a common problem, especially after losing weight and with aging. The arm lift will be able to give you that trimmed and toned look that you’ve always wanted.

Men and Surgeries for the Torso

When it comes to addressing problems with the chest area and torso in general, there are a lot of body lift surgery options that may be right for you. For a chest that sags or is too effeminate in appearance, we can perform a male breast reduction, allowing you to look fit and masculine.

Schedule a Consultation for Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Enhancement

To learn more about plastic surgery options as well as the many non-surgical cosmetic options we have available, please contact our Sydney cosmetic surgery practice today. The entire team looks forward to your visit and discussing your cosmetic goals in greater detail.

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