14th Nov, 2016

MYTH: All plastic surgery procedures are performed in accredited facilities

In Australia, invasive surgical procedures are sometimes performed in a facility, such as an office or consulting room, which is not fully accredited or monitored for the performance of those
procedures. To ensure patient safety, the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons advocates that all
invasive surgical procedures, that require more than a minimal amount of local anaesthetic, must be conducted in an accredited day surgery or private or public hospital. While all surgery carries risk, the accreditation of facilities will provide:

• Appropriate anaesthesia;
• Infection control, sterile supply and clinical waste management;
• Minimum quality and audit requirements (e.g. medicines checked they have not reached
their used by dates and are kept at the right temperatures);
• Credentialing of clinical staff;
• Building and facility issues (e.g. the resuscitation equipment works).

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Lucy Colak