Eyelid surgery can make a dramatic change in the appearance of your face. Because tired, stretched, weighed-down skin is removed during eyelid surgery, the quality of your vision will vastly improve following treatment.This form of facial cosmetic surgery will leave you looking refreshed, youthful, and rejuvenated.

I think one of the best operations that I do is upper eyelid blepharoplasty. For a simple straight forward operation, which leaves virtually no stigmata of an operation, but can make quite dramatic improvements to the appearance of a patient. For a simple operation it really gives a dramatic look. They go from people who look like they’re half asleep to people who are wide-eyed and bright again. It really does dramatically take away that heaviness, that tiredness from the eyes which patients dislike so much. If the eyelids get bad enough, of course, the eyelids will actually come down and start to lie on the eyelashes. Under that circumstance Medicare actually recognizes it as a functional problem that your visual fields will start to be impaired. I think that people benefit quite markedly from it. I believe blepharoplasty involves usually just removing a strip of skin and muscle. We also may take some minimal amount of fat out the eye. It really just gives the patient back the upper eyelid in respect, lifts it off the eyelashes, and improves their visual fields. In fact, I’ve had patients sitting in recovery telling me the world’s twice as big because they can see so much better. So certainly it’s not only a cosmetic benefit to blepharoplasty, but also a functional benefit to blepharoplasty. Unfortunately, it’s only something which gets worse with age. I believe blepharoplasty is very commonly done day only. Can be done under local anesthetic if the patient so desires. Many patients desire just to go to sleep and wake, and it’s all over. We can certainly do that for them. But in many respects it’s a pretty simple straightforward recovery. You may have some bruising around the eyes, but most sutures come out at a week, and most people are looking pretty presentable and certainly functional after a day or two. The lower lids are different pathology in some respects. Most common patients coming with lower lids either have bulging fat from around the orbit. That’s something that has to be redressed with either the fat removed or repositioned back in to stop it bulging. People will have lower eyelid excess skin as well, and that has to be redraped and excised. There are more complications and problems with lower eyelids simply because gravity wants to pull things down. Sometimes we have to do associated procedures just to hitch the lower eyelid up. Having said that, people with that sort of bulging lower eyes can make very significant improvements in their face and should be a very powerful, rejuvenating procedure for them. Lower eyelids are also done as day surgery procedures. Of course, very commonly we do eyelid surgeries both uppers and lowers together, or we do them associated with other rejuvenating procedures such as facelifts.