Aesthetic Day Surgery is a fully credited hospital where all of our surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures are performed. Our plastic surgery team works to ensure your experience at our facility is a quality, satisfying, personalized one.

One of the great things in my practice is we have access to aesthetic day surgery, which is on site. That means patients can come and see me; you don’t have to go elsewhere to have your surgery. It’s a fully accredited hospital. It’s exactly the same as any other hospital you walk into in Australia with all the same standards and safety precautions. This means you can come in with discretion. You don’t be exposed to general populations. Certainly, the cost profiles are much more advantageous as the larger corporate hospitals. And you’re really able to have a one stop shop where you come in, you’re treated, you’re managed here, you get to know the staff here, and you have a more personalized experience. We specialize in day surgery. We basically do plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, hand surgery. We’re set up by plastic surgeons for plastic surgeons. Our staffs are extremely experienced. They’re used to doing it. This is what we do all the time. We get good at what we do. This allows us really to refine the operations and make them far more palatable for the patients that we spend a lot of time concerned with post-operative pain, and we’re able to tailor our procedures to minimize the pain, such things as putting in anesthetic blocks, long-acting local anesthetic blocks when the patients asleep. Say for breast augmentations, we put in long acting local anesthetic in the cavities, which makes a significant difference. Our anesthetists use ultra- short-acting narcotics. And our aim is to get the patient awake without nausea without pain, then we can give them something to eat. We can give them tablets, and we can keep them on an even keel. It’s bad for the patient, it’s bad business for us to have patients who are thrilled with the outcome of their surgery, but say, “Oh it hurts so much,” or “I was so sick afterwards that I’ll never have that done again.” We want our patients to be thrilled with the outcomes of their surgery and say, “It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Pain wasn’t that bad and I felt really well, and I recovered really quickly.” Because we are a specialist unit we are able to put all that time and effort into focusing on those sort of issues, to optimize the total experience for the patient.