Spider veins are the eye-catching splotches of purple-pink capillaries on the face or legs that can occur as a result of a hereditary predisposition to broken capillaries and/or varicose veins.

This genetic tendency, coupled with other factors such as an elevated oestrogen level, standing for prolonged periods and being overweight, will often dictate who will be troubled by spider veins.

The treatment of spider veins is a simple process: a mild sclerosing fluid is injected into the capillaries using a very fine needle, causing the vessel to break down over several weeks, like a bruise that reabsorbs.

The process is repeated until the spider veins have completely disappeared. Generally, 3 – 4 sessions at 4 week intervals will achieve a dramatic correction in the appearance of spider veins.

Most people do not need to wear support stockings and can resume normal activity, but avoiding aerobic exercise on the day of treatment. While these capillaries will disappear, due to the genetic predisposition, new ones will always be encountered over time.