12th Oct, 2011

Rhinoplasty and Teens

When it comes to enhancing the appearance of the face, what you may find is that subtle changes of the appearance can have dramatic effects overall. Each facial feature complements the other in some way. Losing a few wrinkles here or a few wrinkles there can make you look much younger. A little eyelift can make all the difference. And what the team here at our Sydney plastic surgery center will tell you is that a little change to the nose can mean a whole lot of difference to your looks.

Dealing with the Appearance of the Nose

Not everyone is born with a nose thats perfectly contoured or proportioned to their face. In addition to this fact, sometimes you can sustain an injury that alters the shape of the nose and may leave it crooked or with an unwanted bump. And of course, you also have to note the possibility of nasal passage problems which could be affecting your breathing passages.

Should any of these matters be the case, its a good reason to visit our Sydney plastic surgery practice. We will be able to tell you if you would be helped through the use of plastic surgery, specifically a rhinoplasty.

About Rhinoplasty (Nose Jobe)

A Sydney rhinoplasty (also called a nose job) is a surgery that is performed in order to change the shape and prominence of the nose. It can also be performed in order to adjust the internal structures of the nose to improve breathing.

Good Candidates for Rhinoplasty

The best candidates for rhinoplasty are people who are in good overall health that would not prevent them from otherwise undergoing surgery. They should have a good attitude about getting the surgery and also have realistic expectations about what the surgery will do for them. It is important that patients make their decision to undergo surgery on their own and that they are not coerced into surgery by another person or party.

Rhinoplasty and Teens

A lot of people ask if their teen is a good candidate for rhinoplasty, and the answer is really that it depends on a number of factors. Very young teenagers we are less likely to be considered for surgery compared to older teenagers.

Younger teens are still growing, and if the rhinoplasty is cosmetic in nature, we want to wait until the teen has fully grown so that we can account for the overall affect the surgery will have on their face.

In addition to that, younger teens tend not to be as mature as older teens, so we want to make sure that the teenager understands what the surgery will involve and how it will affect his or her life going forward.

During the consultation process, we will be sure to answer your questions about rhinoplasty and provide all the information you need so that you can make the best decision possible.

Learn More About Your Cosmetic Enhancement Options

If you would like more information about rhinoplasty contact our Sydney cosmetic surgery centre today. We  look forward to meeting you in person and discussing your goals.

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