01st Apr, 2012

Skin Tightening after Weight Loss

Losing weight is a great idea for good health. People who are obese or morbidly obese run a higher risk of developing certain adverse health conditions, including strokes, heart disease, high blood pressure, heart attacks, diabetes, and certain kinds of cancers. Of course, after losing the weight, people often experience issues with loose and stretched skin. In order to restore the overall figure and shape of a person’s body, you need to visit with a Sydney plastic surgeon for skin tightening and body sculpting.

Why Skin Tightening is sometimes Necessary After Weight Loss

As a person gains weight, his or her skin will stretch to accommodate the added girth. The skin can stretch out a great deal. When the weight is lost, the skin can only shrink back so far around the slimmer frame. This is a natural occurrence, and the result is a lot of loose skin and stretch marks. The only way to remove this loose skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks is by visiting our plastic surgery practice in Sydney. We can surgically excise this loose skin and leave you looking trim and fit again. Below are some common surgeries for skin tightening.

Reshape the Abdominal Area and Reduce Sagging Skin

One of the most common skin tightening and body contouring surgeries is the tummy tuck. Also known as an abdominoplasty, the tummy tuck removes skin around the lower abdominal area and the sides, making the abdomen look slim.

Sculpting the Arms and Thighs

The upper arms and thighs can both be affected by major weight gain and then loss. To remove that excess tissue, arm lift and thigh lift are both great options, especially for the inner thighs and the upper arm areas.

Breast Surgery After Major Weight Loss

The size and shape of the breasts can change a lot following weight loss. In order to make the breasts look pert and firm again, there is the breast lift or the breast reduction. These surgeries will remove excess skin and tissue and improve the overall contour of the breasts in the process.

Recontouring the Chest for Men

Men can have issues with the chest area and upper torso after major weight loss. Skin may sag or the pectoral area may appear effeminate. To deal with these matters, male breast reduction can be performed. Excess skin and fat are removed, making the chest look trim and muscular.

Comprehensive Revision of Your Figure

By combining many of the above surgeries, a comprehensive body lift can be accomplished. Each body lift is custom tailored to the patient, which is why you should visit with a plastic surgeon in Sydney as soon as possible.

Learn More About Body Contouring and Sculpting Surgery

To learn more about surgical body contouring and what it can do for you, be sure to contact our Sydney cosmetic surgery practice for a consultation. The entire team here looks forward to meeting you in person and discussing your aesthetic goals.

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