02nd Mar, 2013

The Advantages of the Blepharoplasty Procedure

eyes2For many patients, aging, environmental exposure, and/or genetics result in heavy, sagging skin on the upper and/or lower eyelids. The presence of excessive skin on the eyelids can cause the appearance of fatty bags of skin, give patients a perpetually tired appearance, make patients appear old beyond their years, and even restrict vision. For patients experiencing these symptoms in Sydney, cosmetic surgery may be the solution. Cosmetic surgeon Darrell Perkins offers his patients eyelid surgery to eliminate excessive skin from the upper and lower eyelids, resulting in a more alert and youthful appearance around the eyes.

For our patients in Sydney, eyelid surgery is a popular procedure because it allows for significant improvements to the appearance without drastically altering the way a person looks. Our patients in Sydney should consider the following additional eyelid surgery benefits:

  • Surgical benefits:The eyelid surgery procedure is actually fairly simple. Dr. Perkins will remove excess skin and fat so that the skin of the eyelids can be re-draped. Because the manipulations made during the procedure are performed primarily on skin and fat, it involves minimal discomfort. Even the recovery period should be free of complications, with the most common symptoms being some bruising or swelling around the eyes. The scars that result from surgery are small and nearly invisible, so they do not detract from the aesthetic results.
  • Cosmetic benefits:There are many cosmetic benefits of eyelid surgery. The alterations made during the procedure leave patients with smoother eyelids, reduced puffiness, and “lighter” eyelids that do not sag or hang over the eye. All together, these improvements make patients appear more alert and youthful. This refreshed appearance also eliminates the tired or angry appearance that many patients complain of before eyelid surgery.
  • Functional benefits:The benefits of eyelid surgery extend beyond an improved physical appearance. For many patients, eyelids that are overly heavy affect a patient’s function. Drooping eyelids can make patient’s eyes feel heavy, making it difficult to work, read, or even see. The vision can actually be restricted by skin overhanging the eyelid. By removing this excess skin, a patient’s vision can be corrected and their ability to function without discomfort can be restored.

With all of these benefits, it is no wonder that eyelid surgery continues to grow in popularity among our patients.

Additional Procedures

Eyelid surgery consistently provides our patients with positive results that erase years off their appearance. Patients who have other signs of aging on their face that they’d like to have addressed can complete their facial makeover with the addition of other cosmetic procedures. Neck lift surgery and facelift surgery are two procedures commonly performed alongside eyelid surgery to completely rejuvenate a patient’s facial appearance.

Schedule an Appointment

At Dr. Darrell Perkins’ Sydney practice, eyelid surgery can be performed to improve a patient’s youthful appearance and restore function of the eyes. To learn more about this plastic surgery procedure and the benefits it provides, schedule an appointment with Dr. Darrell Perkins at your earliest convenience.

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