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Tummy Tuck Options

If you have lost a lot of weight, you may have noticed just how much sagging and drooping occurs in the lower abdominal area. This is because of the nature of skin after you have gained and lost a lot of weight. Skin will stretch out to accommodate weight gain, but it will only shrink back a certain amount. This leads to that sagging skin as well as stretch marks and so forth.

When you speak with a Sydney plastic surgeon, he or she will be able to determine the best way to enhance your overall contour and give you a figure that looks fit and fine for all sorts of weather. We would like to look at the tummy tuck surgery right now and see who would best benefit from it and how it is performed.

Who is a good candidate for tummy tuck?

The best candidates for tummy tuck surgery are people who have stretched out skin in the abdominal area due to pronounced weight loss. In many cases, the tummy tuck will be combined with additional body contouring surgeries to achieve a comprehensive recontouring of your entire body.

When you speak with skilled Sydney plastic surgeon Dr. Darrell Perkins, he will determine the best way to perform the surgery in accordance with your situation and your aesthetic goals. He will have a few options to consider when it comes to the surgery.

Traditional Tummy Tuck Surgery

During a traditional tummy tuck surgery, there are three incisions that are made. The first incision is made along the lower abdomen from one hipbone to the other. Another incision is made around the belly button. A third incision is made that connects these previous two incisions, one which is simply a line from the belly button incision to the centre of the hipbone incision. Its helpful to think of the shape of an anchor.

Through these incisions, excess fat and tissue is removed and the underlying structures of the abdominal area are adjusted.

Mini-Tummy Tuck Surgery

The traditional Sydney tummy tuck is great for most patients, though other patients may need less recontouring and skin removal. In such cases, there is the mini-tummy tuck.

The mini-tummy tuck is performed in much the same way as a traditional tummy tuck, though the incisions are fewer and often smaller. In many cases, an incision need only be made along the lower abdomen, and it does not have to span from hip to hip. It may only be a few inches long. Through this incision, tissue is removed and structures are adjusted.

Extended Tummy Tuck Surgery

For major body contouring needs, there is the extended tummy tuck. Its like the traditional tummy tuck and also involves the same anchor-shaped incisions. The incision along the lower abdomen spans further, however. It may continue past the hipbones to the side of the hips and even to the back corner of the hipbone. This decision will be made based on your needs.

Which kind of tummy tuck is best for me?

That all really depends on what your situation is like, which is why you need to come to our Sydney plastic surgery practice to learn about how this surgery may benefit you. Well answer any questions that you may have and address all of your concerns as well.

Learn More About Body Contouring Surgery

For an appointment with Dr, Perkins to discuss body contouring and other aesthetic enhancements, contact our Sydney cosmetic surgery practice today.

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