There are many plastic surgeons in Australia, but none adhere to higher standards of care and practice than Dr. Darrell Perkins. He is a plastic and reconstructive surgery specialist in Sydney, New South Wales operating in the highest-quality clinical and surgical facilities. Dr. Perkins is guided by a unique practice philosophy designed to promote a patient-centric atmosphere at all times.

Philosophy of Practice

What truly makes Dr. Darrell Perkins a one-of-a-kind surgeon is his distinctive practice philosophy. Dr. Perkins’ commitment to excellence in plastic surgery begins with these principles:

1. The highest ethical standards

At all times, Dr. Perkins practises with standards and ethics of the highest order. Compassion, honesty, integrity, and absolute confidentiality characterize his plastic surgery practice in Sydney, New South Wales. This is what the honour and privilege of practicing plastic surgery demands, and what his patients should expect as a matter of routine. Dr. Perkins believes there is no place for compromise.

2. Personalized service

Dr. Perkins’ patients visit his practice in order to get his advice, hear his opinions, draw on his wealth of experience, and, if they elect to proceed with plastic surgery, benefit from his technical expertise. Though he has a supremely talented team of nurses and ancillary staff, some with over 20 years experience in plastic and cosmetic surgery, Dr Perkins’ patients in Sydney, New South Wales deal primarily with him in all facets of their care before, during, and after surgery. Dr. Perkins is there to care for his patients in the true sense – not just for his surgical expertise. He enjoys and fosters the personal interaction that evolves from each patient’s journey.

3. Patient Education

An important part of Dr. Perkins’ role as a surgeon is to educate his patients, giving them all the information and time that they need to make an informed decision for themselves. He has a wealth of experience, and it is his job to offer expert advice so that a consensus can be reached between surgeon and patient. This necessitates extensive discussion about pros and cons of particular procedures, potential pitfalls and complications, as well as expert analysis of the particular concerns or problems of the patient.

Dr. Perkins never attempts to make decisions for his patients. Personal factors are always an important part of the decision-making process. Dr. Perkins’ job is to listen and understand, assisting the patient in making the best decision for him or herself.

It is also Dr. Perkins’ job to convey realistic expectations about the possible outcomes of plastic surgery. To this end he makes extensive use of pre- and post-operative photographs of both good and average plastic surgery results.

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Dr. Perkins’ practice offers a one-of-a-kind plastic surgery experience. Contact the practice in Sydney, New South Wales to find out what our practice philosophy means for you. Our staff looks forward to helping you achieve your cosmetic goals in a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere.