Arm Lift and Thigh Lift Surgery

Many people carry excess skin and fat on their bodies. Whether a person is of ideal body weight, overweight, or has lost dramatic amounts of weight, excess skin and fat can detract from the person’s appearance and be a source of low self-esteem. Some individuals who are extremely fit and athletic and have a very fine build may nonetheless present with excess sagging skin on their upper arms or legs. Fortunately, Dr. Darrell Perkins offers arm and thigh lift operations at his New South Wales plastic surgery practice in Sydney to give patients a more contoured body appearance.

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Arm Lift Plastic Surgery

As time passes, many parts of the body are affected by excess skin. The arms, however, appear to be an area that is severely affected by gravity, resulting in a tendency to form loose, saggy skin. This can result in the appearance of the so-called “tuck shop arms,” with sagging rolls mainly under the upper arm. Also known as brachioplasty, an arm lift is a plastic surgery procedure that effectively removes excess skin and fat from the arms.

The Arm Lift Procedure

During an arm lift, Dr. Perkins removes excess tissue if the skin is of good quality, liposuction can be used on the arms to contour them and eliminate a bulky, heavy appearance. This type of procedure relies on the skin’s ability to shrink and reabsorb; if there is already excess hanging skin, liposuction is likely to make the excess hanging skin more pronounced. However, liposuction used during arm lift surgery at our New South Wales practice is very effective at greatly improving the contour of arms with strong skin with good elasticity, and can take away the heavy, powerful look to the upper body.

In arm reduction, the excess sagging or hanging skin and fat of the arm is excised by an open operation. When performing this arm lift procedure at our New South Wales practice, Dr. Perkins uses advanced techniques that do not interfere with the lymphatic vessels, veins, and nerves in the tissue, allowing for a quick and successful recovery — a significant improvement over the traditional arm lift.

Thigh Lift Plastic Surgery

A thigh lift, also called thighplasty, is very similar to the arm lift surgery performed at our New South Wales practice. Thigh lift surgery can give patients with small amounts of excess skin and fat in the upper thigh slimmer and more defined leg contours.

The Thigh Lift Procedure

As with an arm lift, liposuction can be used to improve the thighs for a more toned appearance. In the cases of small excess skin, a transverse incision is created that is hidden in the crease where the thigh meets the body. In large excesses of skin, a vertical incision is required. All attempts are made to try to position the scar in the medial aspect of the thigh so on normal standing it is not visible from the front or the back. The improvement in the contour and shape of the thigh after the plastic surgery procedure is very dramatic.

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Both the thigh lift and arm lift are exceptional plastic surgery procedures that give our patients from New South Wales a slimmer and more toned appearance. To schedule an initial consultation, please our plastic surgery practice in Sydney. We also offer other surgical procedures that can be used in the ultimate body makeover, including breast lift, breast augmentation, liposuction, and more.