Liposuction surgery is an excellent way to eliminate stubborn, excess fat that is resistant to diet and exercise, but it cannot be entered into lightly. Dr. Darrell Perkins believes that patient education is important to obtaining the most successful results. Dr. Perkins is an experienced surgeon who is always on hand to address his patients’ questions and concerns regarding liposuction surgery. Because of his dedication, individuals from Sydney, Sutherland Shire, and the South Coast trust in his expertise and skills. Below is a list of some of the most commonly asked questions regarding liposuction surgery. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact our practice.

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Can I use liposuction surgery to lose weight?

Although liposuction does eliminate excess fat, it should not be used as a weight reduction tool. Candidates for liposuction are those who are within an ideal body weight but have localised deposits of fat that are resistant to dieting and to exercise. People are born with a certain body shape which they usually inherit from their parents, and within those body shapes are certain areas that are just resistant to weight loss. With classic saddlebag thighs, it is common to find patients complain that their sisters or mother have the same shape, and no matter what exercise or dieting they do, the saddlebags are resistant to any weight reduction even though they are losing weight in other parts of the body. We are all born with a certain number of fat cells. When we put on weight, the fat cells in that area do not multiply, but instead get fatter individually. Liposuction at our practice removes the fat cells from that localised area, making the contours more symmetric and in harmony with the remainder of the body. The concept is not to remove every fat cell that can be removed, but really just to put that area in proportion with the rest of the body.

Is liposuction the most appropriate procedure for my specific needs?

The major factors which govern whether an individual is appropriate for liposuction are really the quality of their skin, the age of their skin, and whether there is an excess of skin. One of the limiting factors in liposuction is the ability of the skin to shrink back to place after the fat has been removed, also known as elasticity. Our bodies can grow new skin if we put on weight, but we are not very good at reabsorbing that skin when we lose the weight. Because of this, some people who have lost dramatic amounts of weight suffer from excess skin rolls or hanging skin. If an individual already has excess skin or hanging skin on the neck, abdomen, thighs, or other areas, undergoing liposuction to remove more fat will only increase sagging in the area. Instead, a skin operation such as a neck lift with a facelift, body lift, or abdominoplasty may be recommended.

Another important factor that determines whether or not a patient is a suitable candidate for liposuction at our practice is the age of the skin. Younger skin has greater resistance and elastic recoil, as well as a greater ability to conform to the underlying contour. Patients who are older have skin that has lost a large degree of its elasticity. In these patients, liposuction in the neck, stomach, or other areas should be undertaken with care. Dr. Darrell Perkins can assess your individual situation during an initial consultation and determine whether liposuction is the most appropriate procedure for your needs. If it is not, he can suggest alternative procedures that can give you the results you desire. Contact our plastic surgery practice to schedule an initial consultation.

How long does it take to recover from liposuction surgery?

Recovery from liposuction is usually very quick. Patients will have to wear a garment to provide pressure for at least three to six weeks after their liposuction procedure. This garment helps to minimise swelling and bruising, and later helps to speed the recovery process. Pain after liposuction surgery is usually described more as a stiff ache rather than an acute stabbing pain. Most people are able to resume most of their normal activities after three or four days; however, this depends on the volume of liposuction and the areas that were treated. Scarring is very minimal and the small incisions that were created heal rather quickly.

How much does liposuction cost?

The costs for liposuction depend upon the areas to be removed. Dr. Perkins can assess your individual needs and requirements during an initial liposuction consultation at our practice to give you a better estimate for how much your procedure will cost.

How do I schedule an initial consultation for liposuction?

Dr. Darrell Perkins is an experienced surgeon who is dedicated to helping patients achieve the results they desire. If you are interested in experiencing the benefits of liposuction for yourself, contact our southern Sydney practice, which serves patients from Sutherland Shire and the South Coast.