A facelift is designed to reverse the gravitational effects of aging. The aim is to transform the patient into a more youthful and rejuvenated version of themselves. As the face ages, skin and fat on various regions of the face become loose and tend to sag or droop. This provides redundancy and folds in the muscle and skin of the neck, exacerbation of the jowl region, as well as deep nasolabial folds and sinking of the cheek prominences. A facelift Sydney, at our office in New South Wales, helps to re-suspend fat in its correct anatomical position and rid the face of any excess skin. Dr. Darrell Perkins is skilled in a variety of facelift techniques, including full facelift and short-scar facelift.
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The Facelift Procedure

Most modern facelift procedures are comprised of two components. One of the components is removing excess skin. The other component involves re-suspending and carrying the tension of the facelift on the underlying fibromuscular layer called the SMAS. This can provide a very natural rejuvenation of the face without leaving the stigma of a tight, overcorrected or over-repeated facelift. When you have a facelift Kogarah or Sydney with Dr. Darrell Perkins and staff, the aim is not to make you look like someone else, but rather to make you look healthier, more rejuvenated, and youthful.

At our office in New South Wales, facelift surgery is usually performed under general anaesthetic. More limited facelift procedures can be performed under local anaesthetic. Nearly all facelift operations are done as day-only procedures, but if the patient wishes to stay in hospital, it is certainly possible.

Youthful, Not Tight

An important concept in facelift surgery – and a common misconception – is that tight is youthful. On the contrary, children do not have tight skin, they just do not have any excess skin. Another common facelift surgery misconception is that removing fat will make the face appear more youthful. Some faces are intrinsically fatty and the contour can be markedly improved by removing some of that fat. Other faces, however, would benefit by having some of the fat replaced into the face to reproduce the vibrant, plump appearance of youth and childhood.

Facelift Surgery Types

The term facelift covers a variety of procedures. Any facelift procedure can be tailored to address specific undesirable features of the face or to rejuvenate certain areas. Thus, each patient needs to be assessed very accurately and expertly as to what type of facelift procedure would specifically best suit them. Some patients may be more appropriate for a short scar facelift procedure, but with others, this would probably be a significant compromise providing an inadequate result. It is essential that each patient be individually assessed and that the procedure that is carried out must be tailored to the specific requirements of that patient.

Short scar facelift surgery, which is an option for those seeking a facelift Kogarah or Sydney here at our practice, is an excellent choice for younger patients to address mostly the jowl and neck region. Patients who require more extensive facial rejuvenation may benefit from the standard full facelift, with or without an incision made under the chin to address the fatty neck and muscle bands in that area. The decision as to how long the facelift scar should be is quite simple. It should be no longer and no shorter than is required to do the correct operation in that patient.

Find Out How You Can Benefit from Facelift Kogarah and Sydney

Facelift surgery at our New South Wales practice in Sydney can subtract years from your facial appearance and provide you with a smooth and radiant complexion. If you’re considering a facelift Sydney or Kogarah and would like more information regarding the procedure, please contact our practice. You can also find answers to some common facelift questions in our frequently asked questions section. Dr. Perkins offers other facial procedures too, such as rhinoplasty, facial implants, and eyelid surgery, as well as a variety of procedures for the breasts and body that allow him to produce amazing transformations.