Liposuction is designed to re-contour the body. By reducing the amount of undesirable fat cells within a region of your body, your features have a slimmer and more toned appearance. Most regions of the body can be contoured through liposuction. Dr. Perkins has successfully changed the lives of numerous patients through his advanced liposuction techniques.

Liposuction is a tool for removing fat, for removing undesirable contours. When you’re born you’re basically born with a certain shape. You inherit a certain shape from your parents. People are wired differently; people have different body shapes. The classic sort of female shape is the pear shape. It’s saddle bag thighs and the small breasts. The way liposuction works is that you’re born with a certain number of fat cells. If you get fatter, your fat cells don’t multiply, the individual fat cells get fatter. So what we do with liposuction is we reduce the number of fat cells in undesirable areas to bring them down to a normal number of fat cells at a normal contour. This is the most applicable areas, the saddle bag thighs, inner thighs, medial knees, the poochy tummy, the neck, and even down around ankles. Anywhere there’s fat we can contour it to bring it down. That contour will change forever. The fat cells that are left behind will still behave like normal fat cells. Otherwise, if you put on weight, you’d finish up with [inaudible 00:57] depressions. In general terms, liposuction is a tool to change contours permanently. I think one of the best innovations in liposuction in the last ten years has been the advent of the power liposucker, power liposuction machine. This is a liposuction [cannon] which vibrates, which means it’s far less energy or effort required to remove the fat. I think these results in far less pain for the patients, less bruising, and less swelling. We’ve been very impressed by how much quicker the recovery is for the patients following, with the use of a power vibrating liposuction machine. Certainly, with the media and the push there’s been a lot of things out there that liposuction is just a lunch-time procedure. In sometimes, small volumes of liposuction, certainly a vast majority of liposuction, we do as day surgery procedures. They need to be done in proper facilities, with proper surgeons, and all the due safety requirements of any surgical procedure. Much larger volumes of liposuction, once you get past say 4.5, 5 liters, then there becomes issues of fluid and keeping the patient warm, and ost of those are more safely done in a hospital where you’re able to stay overnight for the patient’s own safety. Generally though, done properly, liposuction is an extremely safe procedure, with extremely low risk profile, an extremely well-tolerated procedure. Patients recover very quickly. I have had patients go back to work the next day. I don’t advise that, but certainly, most patients are very functional after two or three days. From the pain point of view, most patients say it’s more like they’ve been for a ten-kilometer run and haven’t been for a run in 10 years. A more stiff ache and soreness rather than acute, sharp pain. Certainly, pain is not a big issue in the recovery of liposuction, and patients usually tolerate it very well.