Non-surgical procedures are used to slow down the aging process and prevent the need for facial cosmetic surgery. Because of the wide variety of non-invasive procedures that we offer, many of our patients choose to combine dermal fillers with chemical peels and laser treatments to maximize their results.

Woman 1: The non-surgical side of cosmetic surgery is basically wrinkle filling and preventing the aging process, slowing it down, just filling the gaps before someone needs to have surgery. If you can prevent someone having surgery you can usually do that with the non-surgical fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments, lasers, peels. We use lasers to rejuvenate the skin texture and the pores, and to exfoliate the layers of the skin, and also aiming at rejuvenating the texture and the pigmentation. We have a range of medical-grade skin care products at the clinic, and we tailor-make them to each patient’s individual needs and budget. It rejuvenates the skin; it hydrates the skin; it resurfaces the skin. Woman 2: We’ve got a magic box now full of all kinds of things that can create lifting and changing contours that used to be only solved by surgery. Pre-op, they need surgery, but they’re not quite there mentally or fiscally. They want to wait a few more years. We can do all kinds of stop-gap procedures like lasering, like skin care, like filling. Then you’re going to take people who are post-op, and they want to maintain what they’ve had five years ago. So we’ve got this whole gamut of preventative let’s stave off the knife a little bit longer and we’ll take it right up to post-op. You know ten years, people are still looking after their skin in various ways. Woman 1: A lot of people find it quite surprising when they come in. They find that it’s really not that painful at all and it takes and it takes 15 to 30 minutes, so it’s sort of a lunch-time procedure. The recovery is very quick. There’s less bruising because the end of the cannula is blunt so it allows us to get to a lot of areas with only one needle. When patients come in for an appointment they usually go through an assessment phase where we look at the face, we assess what they want to achieve, and then I’ll look at how they’re ageing and what we can do. We’ll set out a plan, so that we can actually set a plan for them, a program, so that we can address all of their needs and prevent the aging process. Woman 2: We want first and foremost a natural outcome. That’s really the name of the game. We want to enhance your look, but in that confine of natural, we will work with your budget.